Jerry Rayburn, BS, MBA

Healthcare Cost Solutions LLC (HCS) was founded by Jerry W. Rayburn, Principal and Founder. Jerry started HCS in 1999, after working 25 years within the healthcare supply chain industry. His work history includes a variety of roles ranging from Materials Management leadership within two academic medical centers, to progressive roles within supply chain management at Tenet HealthSystem.

Jerry put HCS on "hold"from from late 2010 to 2015, to serve as Senior Vice President for MedAssets, with responsibility for the outsourced team for CHRISTUS Health, followed by the outsourced team for Tenet Health Care. In his last year with MedAssets, Jerry led an effort to implement an enterprise project management application (WorkFront) across MedAssets' Spend segment. In mid-2015, Jerry left MedAssets, returning to supply chain consulting.

Though largely retired, Jerry has been involved with several consulting projects which were a good fit with his skills and background.

Brenda Clayton, BS, RN

Brenda got her RN education in nursing, and began work at Culver Union Hospital in Crawfordsville, IN. She began as a floor nurse, then moved to ICU, and later to be Assistant Director of Nursing. she was offered the opportunity to shift from nursing to Materials Management, which she took. This turned out to be a great skillset, because she had a personal knowledge of the importance of product selection, proper product use, and the value of involving end-users in product decision-making. Culver Union was acquired by American Medical International, moving from being not-for-profit to a for-profit organization. Under AMI, Brenda quickly gained a reputation as an innovator. She participated in several corporate initiatives, and was soon offered a role in the corporate office. She palyed a key role in the implementation of AMI's Integrated Materials Management System. AMI was acquired by National Medical Enterprises, (NME), which was later renamed to Tenet Healthcare. She served as a Director, and later became Vice President for Supply Chain Management. She created a program for engaging clinicians and physicians in analyzing, and driving costs per surgical case to lower levels, while at the same time driving improved physician and staff satisfaction levels.

She was with Healthcare Cost Solutions, as Vice President for over 5 years, as a consultant. She led many projects an eight-hospital group purchasing organization in New York, planning a replacement operating room and sterile processing areas within a 400+ bed academic medical facility, Playing a leading role for the planning and participating in the move-in into that new facility, and many other varied consultative and embedded roles.

In 2011, Brenda became Director of Supply Chain Management for Childrens Health System of Texas. Later, she was promoted to Vice President, and still later to Senior Vice President. During her time at Children's Health, she led the decision to move distribution to an new 130,000 sq ft distribution facility, to support the continuously expanding services of Children's Health. Brenda retired from Children's Health at the end of 2022. She is now back with Healthcare Cost Solutions and is available for specialized consulting roles that match her skillset.


In addition, Healthcare Cost Solutions, has an extensive network of subject matter experts and resources with proven expertise within the field of healthcare supply chain management. No doubt, we can assemble a team to define and address your most pressing business needs and challenges. Let us know if you would like to talk about specifics.