ERP Optimization

We have deep experience in helping clients nail down business requirements, working with IT to configure, work with Supply Chain team members to test and validate the setup to achieve the operational efficiencies and business effectiveness sought. We are application agnostic, but have extensive experience with Infor Lawson clients, Oracle/PeopleSoft, McKesson, Meditech, and other ERP and MMIS applications.

​We have deep knowledge and expeirence in the data content required for the ERP Supply Chain modules, including Item Master, Vendor Master, Catagorization Scheme(s), Contract Master. We have worked with clients to setup the right orgnizations to build and maintain this data. We have knowledge and experience with both in-house as well as contracted item master service providers.

​The key benefits from state-of-the-art ERP Supply Chain functionality is to have a foundation containing the items, suppliers, contracts and prices, and related data to ensure that in day-to-day transaction processing, the health system never pays more than the current contracted price for supplies, services and equipment. Secondarily, these applications are designed to record consumption and generate orders to replenish what has been consumed, with as few steps in the processes as possible. Once these foundations are in place, there are inevitably opportunities to discover key cost drivers and optimize processes and costs thereafter. This requires analytics, utilizing both "canned" reports and capabilities to devise custom reporting or data extracts.

Once stable, there are significant opportunities to automate supply chain and accounts payable processes through B2B/e-Commerce/e-Requisitioning technologies. We have worked with numerous clients in identifying these opportunities, defining a roadmap for adoption of B2B technologies, and integrating these into daily operations.